Drainage Systems

At Rain-a-Matic Lawn Sprinklers & Drainage LLC we realize that your home is one of your most important investments. With the aid of the latest in drainage technology, Rain-A-Matic can get all of that water away from your home and protect your investment.

We specialize in drainage systems such as French drains and area drainage systems and we will put the water where it belongs so it does not damage your house or your beautiful yard. When it rains we want you to enjoy it and not cringe at the sound of rainfall knowing the damage it can create.

Drainage is the most often overlooked problem at any home until it is too late. From water damage and mold growth to breeding grounds for mosquitoes and dead plantings, these problems can all be solved by proper drainage solutions at your home.

Do you need drainage? Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I have standing water in my yard days after rain?

  • Do I constantly have lying water in the edge of my plant beds?

  • Is my sump pump constantly running?

  • Do I have water leaking into my basement or garage?

  • Are my downspouts and/or sump pump eroding the soil/mulch from around my foundation?