Fall fertilizer applications provide your turf with vital nutrients that it needs to get through our cold winters. We apply a potassium product to help protect plant roots that will give your turf the best chance of coming out of dormancy lush and thick.

Fescue should be overseeded every fall to keep it as thick as possible. No matter how well you care for your fescue during the summer, some of it is bound to die out due to the extreme heat. The overseeding process will allow for your fescue areas to fill in and stay thick and healthy.

It’s time for weed control again - the most important of them all!  A good fall preemergent application can help to prevent winter annuals weeds like annual bluegrass from germinating and being an eye sore all winter long.

It’s time for planting! Fall provides a great window for new plantings and allows them to begin maturing before they have to go through a scorching summer. It’s also time to change out those flower beds. Fall color will give your home a great pop of color for the holiday season.

Continue watering gardens, shrubs and trees if rainfall doesn’t reach an inch or more every week. It’s important for plants to go into cold weather with adequate moisture.

Prepare new beds now for next spring. The soil is usually easier to work in the fall and fall-prepared beds allow for earlier plantings in spring.

Now is an ideal time to start a compost pile if you don’t already have one. The combination of spent plants from the garden, excess fallen leaves and grass clips from the final, shorter cut of the season make a perfect compost blend.

Collect leaves and use them for mulch.  Use ground leaves for mulch around trees and shrubs, in the garden or flower beds, and for helping to protect sensitive plants over the winter season.

Want to improve the curb appeal at your home? Let us help by adding hay bales, pumpkins, and other fall favorites that are sure to have the neighborhood feeling the seasonal spirit!