Landscape Lighting


Lighting is all about the effect. And the effect is all about the light source. In most cases residential lighting will benefit from a light source that produces a full-spectrum light that won’t shift the viewer’s color perception. To assure that true color, we specify low-voltage halogen or the revolutionary new LED light sources. (Older LED technology–which is still on the market–produces a substandard light. 

Both halogen lights and the new LED lights offer a CRI over 80. (The CRI is the measure of the light’s ability to accurately portray color. A CRI of 100 would represent perfection, incorporating the full spectrum of sunlight). A CRI of 80 or above will satisfactorily render color for outdoor lighting applications. A CRI under 80 drops out too many shades, noticeably distorting the color.

Our high-quality fixtures are designed to accommodate the appropriate light sources. They are extremely durable, manufactured with corrosion-resistant materials such as heavy-gauge copper and brass. They are made–and guaranteed–to last.