Irrigation Systems

Design & Installation


Our trained experts will evaluate your property and provide a design solution, customized to your wants and needs.  This will be an affordable and efficient watering system to keep your grass green and your plants happy throughout the growing season.

Not only do we install new systems, but we can also remodel current systems, to drastically increase efficiency. 


  • New technology

  • Remote control systems

  • Rain, freeze, and moisture sensors

  • Drip Irrigation Systems

  • Drip installation for flower pots and baskets

  • Professional design to fit customer needs

  • Systems can be installed by trenching or by vibratory plow to minimize turf damage

  • Compliance with local codes and permits

  • As-Build’s

  • Monthly maintenance plans available for customers desiring optimum performance post-installation

Maintenance & Repairs

Take advantage of specialized maintenance strategies by letting our technicians service your system in spring for "startup", and again in fall for the "winterization" of the system.

We can also have our techs check your system as much as you need, during the growing season, to ensure all is in working order, times are set correctly, and everything is working efficiently.


In the early spring it is time to prepare prepare for the warm weather ahead as the plants start to wake up. The best way to be sure that all of your components are in tip-top shape – and to repair any damage that can lessen the effectiveness of your investment – is to schedule a lawn sprinkler start up and maintenance service.


We understand that water is a limited commodity and therefore it is imperative that a certified professional creates each design layout. However, irrigation systems need to be checked and adjusted through the growing months as conditions change.  One broken nozzle will not only waste water but will affect how the entire zone will work which could affect your plant health. We can have our techs check your system as much as weekly or as little as bi-monthly to make sure everything is in working order and adjusted accordingly.  


What will winter do to your sprinklers? You wouldn’t dream of going out into the freezing cold of winter without some sort of protection for your body, would you? Well, you shouldn’t treat your irrigation system any different. To survive the wicked chill, a system needs to be professionally “winterized” - it’s the only way to ensure that your valuable investment will be ready to perform next spring without any costly need for repairs.


No need to turn off your sprinklers by hand when it rains, or nears freezing temperatures.  We can install rain & freeze sensors to almost any type of sprinkler system. A sensor will collect rainfall and temperature readings and shut everything off automatically. If you have an existing system without this device, call today and we will be happy to add one for you. Put an end to wasting water, and ice on your sidewalks and driveway. Just one season of water savings will pay for the device itself


Our staff can handle anything from the smallest to largest repair. If you need a repair during a service call our techs are equipped with a number of parts to handle almost any small repair.  For larger repairs we will schedule a repair crew as quickly as possible to take care of your problems so we can get your system back up and running with very little delay.