Liquid aeration

TerraScapes new Liquid Aeration Service is something we are VERY excited about!  Liquid Aeration is an environmentally safe product that won’t leave the mess of mechanical core aeration. Liquid Aeration treats 100% of the treated area by increasing the particle size of the soil, literally changing the soil structure itself.

Aeration processes, of any kind, share the primary goal of relieving soil compaction, which promotes better root growth. Soil needs air, water, and nutrients reaching as deep as possible.                                           

Consider the following example. Below are two jars, one containing granulated sugar and the other containing chickpeas. 

The jar of sugar has very fine small particle size which makes for small pore spaces between each granule. Small pores mean bad porosity. Less compacted soils are a lot like the jar of chickpeas, Large particle size results in large pore spaces between them. Big pores means good porosity.

TerraScapes Liquid Aeration takes the smaller particles in compacted soils and clumps them together, making larger particles. Increasing the porosity leads to a large amount of benefits.