First things first, lets discuss how to water your yard and greenery without getting in trouble with the authorities. Oklahoma City officials provide clear direction regarding annual policy changes aimed at conserving enough water to go around for everyone.

All even-numbered addresses may water on even-numbered days; odd on odd. Failure to comply may result in a penalty charge of $119. Repeat offenses are assessed increasing fines $269 and $519, plus court costs.

Below are a few of tips to keep your mind at ease, and keep your plants healthy:

  • Raise your mowing height in times of high heat. Just like humans need sunblock, a thicker turf canopy will help to shade the grass plant and limit the amount of heat that your turf endures.

  • Continue with the fertilizer. Your turf needs nutrients to help it stay green and alive during our hot summer months.

  • Turf-grasses such as bermuda are drought-resistant and resilient so don’t be afraid to turn the faucet off. Although the grass may go dormant and turn brown during hot and dry period, the base of the plant will stay alive by providing a deep watering once every one or two weeks.

  • Pay attention to your fescue. Even if you have it planted in the shade, our dry summers will pull the moisture out of the turf and ground. Adequate moisture is key to keeping fescue alive and healthy.

  • Water at the right time. To reduce evaporation be sure to water before the sun has come up or after it has gone down, winds are calm and temperatures are cool. Early morning watering is the best way to allow for maximum plant absorption and limit evaporation. If that’s not possible, just remember: any water is better than no water.

  • Large trees need water too! To insure your trees are getting the proper amount of water, install a nozzle at the end of a hose and let it saturate the area around your trees for several hours. By watering deeply, you can promote deep root growth and decrease the chance for insects and plant disease.

  • Don’t forget about your plants. Summer time is prime for insect and disease activity. Our tree & shrub plan includes insect and disease sprays to provide your plants protection against pests.

  • Let us install a low volume drip irrigation for plant beds and micro-irrigation for gardens, trees and shrubs. Micro-irrigation, also known as trickle, minimizes evaporation, runoff and over spray.