Our Basic Lawn Maintenance Service

Lawn Mowing: TerraScapes will mow all lawn areas weekly during the growing season. This service includes trimming, edging, and blowing all trimmings off your lawn and concrete areas when we are complete. We expect all TerraScapes employees to pick up trash and debris from the lawn areas before mowing.

Our Additional Lawn Maintenance Services

Weed Control and Fertilization: Terrascapes handles all of our own weed control and fertilization treatments. Please select our Weed Control and Fertilization page for all of our programs and information.

Flower and Shrub Bed Maintenance: TerraScapes can weed all bed areas and tree wells to keep them free of undesirable vegetation. Weeding includes removing all foreign weeds and grasses.

Seasonal Color and Mulch: There are a number of different flower varieties to choose from for spring and summer as well as cool season flowers to choose for fall and winter. TerraScapes can customize your beds with a single variety of flowers or a combination. We also recommend mulching beds twice per year to help with weed control, retain moisture and temperatures, and to give a great manicured look.

Shrub Trimming: Along with bed maintenance TerraScapes can also prune and trim shrubs. Shrubs will be trimmed into a general shape, removed from walks, and kept clear of windows and air conditioners but we can also take on special instructions as well.

Fertilize Shrubs: We can fertilize your beds and shrubs in the spring and fall to promote healthy growth.

Prune Trees, Crape Myrtles and Ornamental Grass: It is not necessary but many of our customers like to have their grasses and crape myrtles cut back each spring. We can trim ornamental trees, crape myrtles and ornamental grasses each spring in preparation for their new growth each summer.

Scalping: Scalping is the process of cutting off the dormant grass each spring before the growing season starts. This will remove all the dead grass that has kept the roots insulated all winter, and enable the sun to warm the ground more quickly. It will give your Bermuda grass a jump start on greening up and promote healthy growth.

Leaf Removal: Leaf removal is a service we offer in the fall. Depending on where you live you may only need this service once or multiple times. Our service includes removing your leaves from your property and your flower beds.

Over Seed Turf with Rye/Fescue: For year round color we can over seed Bermuda grass with rye in the fall. We also recommend that if you have any shade or fescue grass in your lawn that it is overseeded each fall as well. Fescue is a cool season grass and even in the shade in Oklahoma we reach temperatures in the 100’s during the summer causing fescue to thin out. It is good practice to overseed your fescue every fall to keep it thick and healthy.

Aeration: Aeration is the process of removing small plugs of soil or cores out of the lawn. This process increases activity of soil microorganisms, increases water availability, as well as nutrient and Oxygen movement in the soil. It also improves rooting, enhances infiltration of rainfall and irrigation and helps prevent fertilizer and chemical applications from runoff. We also now offer liquid aeration. For more information about this please see our weed control and fertilization page.

Tree Trimming: We have the ability to do light tree trimming and branch removal. For larger jobs we partner with certified arborists and licensed tree removal companies.

Irrigation Systems: TerraScapes has the capability to start up and shut down irrigation systems. In early spring, the system should be turned on and checked out for breaks and set up as needed for proper moisture. Systems should be shut down before freezing temperatures and drained to avoid freeze damage. We also have the capability to check irrigation systems and assure proper moisture and coverage as well as fix any minor leaks.