Our program includes weed control, fertilizer and a guarantee that includes free service calls if needed between applications.

We also offer Fall Seeding of Fescue, a Flowerbed Weed Control program, Liquid Aeration and a Mosquito Control program.

Please see below to read more about each service!

Lawn Care

  • Pre-emergent and post emergent weed control

  • Liquid and granular fertilization

  • Service calls for problems between regular applications

  • Top notch, prompt, friendly service

  • Online payments

  • Day-before notification by phone message or email, if requested

Click here for our complete Weed Control and Fertilization program.

Fall Fescue Seeding

Fescue overseeding each year will keep your fescue thick and healthy. All fescue should be overseeded in the fall, because Oklahoma is in a transition zone that is really too hot for fescue. When we seed in the fall, the leaves are falling and the temperatures are cool. Fescue will thrive in cool temperatures and the sunlight to get a good start for next year.

Flowerbed Weed Control

Tired of weeding that flowerbed?

TerraScapes offers weed control for your flower beds in just 3 applications!

We apply granular flower-and-ornamental safe pre-emergent 3 times a year to keep your flowerbed weeds down to the bare minimum.

Mosquito Control

Are you tired of being eaten at your barbeque? All that slapping, scratching and bug spray…

TerraScapes has the solution and wants to help you protect your family and pets from West Nile virus and heartworm disease.

TerraScapes offers a monthly mosquito program. We will treat your lawn, shrubs, house, fencing, and tree trunks which is where mosquitoes rest during the day. Applications are available May-September. The application is the same price as, and in addition to, your weed control and fertilization applications.

Liquid Aeration

Liquid aeration is an environmentally safe product that won’t leave the mess of mechanical aeration. It will increase the particle size of the soil, changing the soil structure itself. Soil needs air, water and nutrients moving into it for plants to grow really well.