The dropping temperatures of winter provide a reset button for your lawn and landscape. Prune your trees during winter to promote new growth and production of fruit. Have weeds begun to pop up and take over your lawn? With the Bermuda having gone into dormancy, we can spray your lawn with a non-selective herbicide that will kill out everything undesirable.

For any perennial plants that have gone dormant, cut back the brown tops. If the tops are still green, there is still energy being transferred to the root system from the top growth. Wait until they turn yellow or brown before cutting. Contingent upon the amount of snow you receive, you may need to wait until spring to complete this task.

Water when you can! Even in dormancy, your turf still needs moisture during winter months to help it survive. Take advantage of days that it stays above freezing and give your lawn something to drink.

When watering duties are over for the season, drain the hose and store it inside. This will keep it protected from the elements and help with longevity.